Centenary Shows 2022

Judges Presentations

Bojan Mataković

I was born on 30th May 1968. in Zagreb, the Capital of Croatia where I completed my education. I graduated in 1996. at the Veterinarian University in Zagreb. I am co-owner of the Kennel «The best colour». We have bred more than 40 litters of various Terrier breeds, like Irish Terrier, Lakeland terrier, Welsh Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Soft Coated Wheaten terrier, Airedale Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer. Dogs bred by us have more than 100 national and international champion titles as well as European and World Champions titles. 

I become judge in year 1993. My first breed as breeder and judge was Airedale terrier.

Since now I judged in most European country (International and national shows ) as well at the Special Club Dog show, European Dog Show, World dog Show, Bundessieger and VDH-Europasieger Dog Show.

Brigita Kremser

I was born on 22.1.1970. I am a professor of mathematics on secondary school. I have a wonderful husband Beno and three children: boys Tadej, Stef and daughter Petja.

I got my first dog when I was 14 years old. She was a Rough Collie and soon I became very interested in dog world. We attended training classes and passed an exam in Obedience. I started going to Dog Shows with her as well.

Today I am a breeder of West Highland White Terriers. I bred also Rough Collies and Bichon Frise. I had my first Collie litter in 1986 and my first Westie litter in 1993. I am breeding together with my mother under the kennel name Brigoree. I have or had owned or bred almost 100 Junior European, international, national and club champions in all three breeds. Now I have most successful West Highland White Terriers in Slovenia.

I became a judge in 1991 and I am eligible to judge the complete FCI groups I, II, III, V and the IX on an international level. Until now I have judged the breeds from all my groups on World, European, international, national and special shows in Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia.

I am a President of Slovenian Club for Terriers. I am also a Board member of Slovenian Club for toy dogs.

Besides that I am a Vice President of Breeding Committee of Slovenian Terriers Club and a a President of Breeding Committee of Slovenian Club for Toy dogs.

I am a member of organising Committee for Maribor Dog Shows. Annually we organise double international shows accompanied with a terrier special show with Slovenian Club for Terriers and Slovenian Club for German Boxers.

I was also a member of Organising committee for EURODOGSHOW SLOVENIA 2010.

On the level of Cynological Association of Slovenia I have served as a member of Supervising Committee and as member of Judges Committee. I was named as an examiner for new judges by Educational Committee.

Tiina Taulos

I am Tiina Taulos, allrounder-judge from Finland. I got  my first show dog, a black medium Poodle in 1977. I am a long time breeder of all sizes of Poodles in black, brown and white with prefix Canmoy's and celebrated 40 years as a breeder on 2021.
I was awarded Lauri Vuolasvirta Prize for the highest recognition of dog breeding for Medium Poodles by the Finnish Kennel Club in 1989. 
Boston Terriers came to my life in 2005 and was awarded Lauri Vuolasvirta Prize for the 2nd time in 2018. 
I also love and live with Pugs which I have bred few litters. In French Bulldogs I am the first breed specialist in my country. I am also a breed specialist in Affen Pinschers and Miniature Dachshunds, have a family history with Wire Fox Terriers, Westies , Jack Russel Terriers and been co-breeder in those breeds. I have bred over 250 individual champions in different breeds.
  I am quite active in the Finnish dog scene being a Board member of The Finnish Toy Dog Club in which my role is educating and examinating new Toy breed judges and also new Poodle judges. During Covid-19 time I have been giving breed webinars to foreign Kennel Club's judges.
I am a member of Finnish Kennel Club's breeder committee and a member at the Finnish Kennel Club Council representing Finnish Poodle Club.
I have been awarded a Silver decoration by the Finnish Kennel Club, by the Finnish Poodle Club and by the Finnish Dog Breeder's Club. I have judged in nearly 50 different countries, including European Winner and World Dog Shows. 

Doc.dr. Nedim Šuta

University of Sarajevo

Faculty of Science

Department:  Biology

Field: Zoology, Functional biology, Behavioral biology

Doc.dr. Nedim Šuta

Phylogenist, Behaviorist,

FCI judge

Nedim Šuta was born in 1986 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated from the Faculty of Science, Biology Department, majoring in Genetics, at the University of Sarajevo. He was honoured with a Gold Badge and in 2010 he started working as a Teaching Assistant for the courses Ethology and General Animal Physiology. In 2011, he completed his master’s degree at the same Faculty, majoring in Microbiology, gaining the degree of MSc of Biology. In 2013, in Ontario, Canada, he successfully completed his specialization programme in behaviour of dogs and cats and gained the title Dog Behaviour Specialist. In 2014, he started his doctoral studies at the University of Sarajevo in the field of phylogeny of dogs. He successfully defended his doctoral dissertation project in 2015 and attained a PhD in natural sciences. The title of his doctoral thesis was “Biosystematic, phylogenetic and breed characteristics of American Akita and Samoyed, subspecies Canis lupus familiaris Linnaeus, 1758 (Carnivora, Canidae)“. He become doctor of science 2018. Currently, he is on possition Assistant Professor in the field of zoology and functional biology at the University of Sarajevo. He is fluent in English. Nedim Suta is the author of 20 scientific papers and 3 books in the field of evolution and genetics of dogs.

He is a judge of 1st, 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th , 6th 8th , 9th and 10th  FCI group and Bis Judge. He has been a judge in international, national and special shows all over the world. He owns Dr Wolf Kennel of American Akitas, Shiba inu , whose dogs continuously achieve remarkable results.


Vladimir Mihaljcic

My family has always been surrounded by dogs. My uncle used to keep Newfoundlanders, but my
first bull terrier type breed that brought me into the sport of purebred dogs was a
brindle   bull   terrier   female.   That   was   in   the   mid   80's   and   a   few   years   later,   under   strange
circumstances, I got involved with AST which has become my passion and fills me with so much joy.
My   story   as   a   breeder   begins   with  AST  with   the   background   of   R   &   D   kennel   from   Texas   and
Barberycoast dogs that were tightly line bred to the famous dogs of Fred Sindelar's.
Soon after that, I registered my kennel name "Royal Nobleman's". My motto is "Quality before else"
which means health and temperament on the first place. My dogs are representing my kennel in all
parts of the world.
I think it is a natural progression to go from breeding to judging.
I am an international FC judge for the following groups: 1.,2., 3., 5., 8., and 9.   I have traveled all
around   the   world   thanks   to   my   hobby.   Learning   about   new   cultures,   languages,   meeting
interesting people and going over beautiful dogs are the most precious parts of it.  I had a fortune
to   judge   on   different   continents and countries.
I am also an approved AKC judge for Conformation. To me  It was a big honor to judge Devon in 2017, one of shows of the prestigious Montgomery County weekend.  
In the last few years I also started to hold seminars about Bull Terrier Type Breeds for breeders,
judges, owners, etc.. 
And I am very proud of Amstaff Major AST World Specialty that I am running together with one of
my best friends, Mirko Popović. Amstaff Major has become one of the most recognizable breed
specialties in the world.

Vojislav Al Daghistani

Born 1987 in Belgrade, in family of cynologysts. Thanks to my parents who had a key role in my love for dogs and other animals, today I am doctor of Veterinary medicine and specialist in surgery for hips, elbows in dogs. Currently a PhD student on Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade. Working and staging on Surgery, Orthopedic  and  Ophthalmology  department  and  on Reproduction, Fertility and Artificial Insemination department. Al Daghistani family breed dogs over 40 years, especially German Shepherds.

Judging Qualifications:

 All breeds from Groups 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 – 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

-  In 2006 became national judge.

-  In 2012 became international judge.

-  Since then judged in more than 50 countries World Wide.

Licensed by:   
Serbian Kennel Club


German shepherd Club Belgrade

Toy Club Belgrade (Board Member)

Belgium Shepherds Club of Serbia (Board Member)

Belgrade Kennel Club

Serbian Kennel Club (Delegate)

Claudio De Giuliani

I’m 70 years old and I was born in Forno di Zoldo, a little village in the Dolomiti, a fine area known in the world for its mountains. In my life I have always had the dogs as my companion: when I was a child and I joined my father in the hunting and later when I became an hunt, before with a hound, later with a pointing dog. I have breed at first the German shorthaired pointer. It was 70s! My great love for the German breeds did know to me also the German longhaired pointer and I started to breed them; some of them become important in the show competitions and in the hunt. I was the first Italian breeder who imported the German longhaired pointer into Italy and I had the first Champion in Italy of this breed. I have many interests also for the German wirehaired pointer, but only as a lover and not as a breeder. I have always studied the pure  dogs  and I began to judge in the 1979. Now I am All Rounder since 2004. I was a delegate of the Italian Kennel Club in the C.I.D., (German Wirehaired Pointer dog) and was also a member of the pure breed book of the Italian Kennel Club. I was in the Italian Kennel Club Committee and in the Italian Judge Committee. Now I am in the FCI Judges Committee. I like writing articles regarding the dogs and I have written on the most popular Italian dogs’ magazine and I have also written 12 books and I have made a video about the dogs training. I like the hunt and walking on the mountains and photographing the nature. With my wife Manuela I’m breeding dachshund, with a good success, with many show champions. I have already judged in all Europe countries, England, in Argentina, in Russia, in Mexico, in Venezuela, Perù, Colombia, Usa, Australia, Nuova Zelanda, Filippine and South Africa, Japan, Cina. I have judged in the European Dog Show in Hungary, Croazia, Slovenia, Nedherland, Romania, Switzerland and Czech Republic in 2014 and in Norway in 2015, in Ucraina 2017, Poland 2018, Austria 2019, Slovenia 2021 and Hungaria 2021. I have judged in   the WDS in Sweden 2008, Slovacchia , Denmark, Austria,  Budapest, Helsinky in 2014, Milan 2015 and Moscow 2016, in Lipsia 2017 Holland 2018, in China 2019 and I will judge in Czech Republic on 2021 and Spain on 2022.

I have judged at Cruft on 2010 and Eukanuba Challenge in USA.

Some results:

German Shorthaired Pointer: since  1970 until 1988; many Excellent in the dog Show and a few results in a field trial; I was in many German Competition;

German Longhaired Pointer: since   1976 until 1990; many many Excellent in the dog Show and a few results in a field trial; one Italian Champion and one International Champion

Dachshound: since 1987; many Excellent in the dog Show ; a some Italian Champion; International Champion, one Europe Champion; for two time, Vienna and Berna, Second Place with Reserve Cacib in a World Champion, two  Club Champion, Reserve Cacib Vienna 2005 European Dog Show

In my house now Sheltie, Rhodesian Ridgeback and Standard Poodle.

Željka Halper Dražić

My name is Željka Halper Dražić and I love all animals but my favourites are dogs and horses. They are the reason why my family moved into the country, some 20 km away from our capital city, Zagreb.

My first dog was a Hungarian Vizsla. As I used to play tennis professionally when I was very young, that dog was the most useful dog in the world: he fetched tennis balls while we practiced.

I got my first Dalmatian dog in 1992 and my love towards that breed still goes strong. Everybody was trying to persuade me to start attending dog shows and I used to say that poor dogs feel bad at shows and that the people participating are just idle creatures wasting their time. But, luckily, I was persuaded and there I was, at my first dog show in 1992. Among five females in puppy class, my dog was the winner under a very respectable judge who was also one of the most successful European breeders of Dalmatians. Later on, she won the all breeds puppy class – while I didn't have a clue how to handle dogs at shows, I was just watching what others were doing. The most important lesson was that I realised how my thinking was wrong and that my dog was enjoying herself, and that dog shows are just another sport where you and your dog are a team trying to be the best!

In 1994 I got my licence to judge Dalmatians, and today I am an international judge for FCI group 2, for Pinchers and Schnauzers, Mastino Napoletano, Mastiff, and FCI groups 4, 6 and 9. I judged in Scandinavian countries, Russia and in most European countries. Regrettably, due to professional constraints, I was unable to judge too far away from home.

I have been a member of the Croatian breed club for Dalmatians since 1992. I was a vice president and a member of the Club's breeding committee for more than 15 years. This year I became the Club's president. I am also a member of the Croatian Kennel Club committee for national dog breeds.

Our kennel's name is DALMINO and we breed only Dalmatians. We got our first European champion in 1998, and since then we've had one or more European or world champions almost every year. Our dogs are multi BIS/BISS winners, even breeding pair winners, progeny, veteran and group winners at European and world shows. We showed our dogs on three continents.

The biggest success, after winning the group at the world show in Milan, was at the European show in Warsaw where our nine-year-old DuDu won both the veteran and the all breeds BIS. He carries in himself generations of dogs from our breeding and he showed everyone how much fun he had enjoying the limelight like a puppy.

And now at the European Show in Budapest again European titles, and the crown was the result of our new brown hope Dalmino Forever Legend, which was only the third show in his life and became the most beautiful youngest dog of the day (EDS'21

Luckily, our dogs live long (for more than 15 years) and healthy lives: our oldest female died when she was 20 years old. We have ten dogs now, four of them are males. They are all our family.

Maja Korošec

Since my early childhood dogs have been an important part of my life. My first dog was a black Poodle, I was 7 years old and I was the happiest child in the world when I got her.

I became more seriously involved in the dog world when my husband and I started showing and breeding in the nineties. I also competed in agility. We became very active in different dog clubs and dogs quickly became our main hobby and occupied almost all our spare time. We moved to the country and we live in the perfect place for our three children and the dogs. Dogs are our family hobby. I have a Master’s degree in pedagogics and completed also studies in economics and psychology. I work in social field.

Now we show and breed German Spitz – Miniature, Keeshond and Pomeranian. In the past we have owned and/or bred
a number of national, international and European champions in different breeds: besides German Spitz also Papillon, Coton de Tulear, Bearded Collie, Tibetan Spaniel, Scottish Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Australian Silky Terrier and Samoyed. We breed under Moetica and Mylegend prefix.

I have had different positions at the Slovenian Kennel Club and different breed clubs. At present I am the president of the Club for Nordic breeds and spitz of Slovenia, the vice president of the Toy Club of Slovenia and a board member of the Terrier Club of Slovenia.

I became a judge in 2001 and at present I judge FCI groups 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. I have judged in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Russia, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Sweden and of course in Slovenia.

Hans-Jürgen Radtke

 Since 1975 Iam a member of the Rottweiler Klub (first East Germany later ADRK). I have trained approximately 120 dogs and put them trougth all stages of tests/examinations. Since 1989 Iam active as Breed-and Performance judge and IPO-Judge within the ADRK, 1994 I was appointed Körmeister. Also Iam from state government recognized expert for dangerous dogs and breeds. 

My kennel has now existed for more than 30 years. I started breeding in 1985 in the East part of Germany under my kennel name “aus der Wildnis”. 

My first Rottweiler was Ingo vom goldenen Flies followed by Erko von der blauen Rose. Both got a lot of working titels and we won together some big working events. 

The next special Rottweiler-Male was Lord vom Wappenhaus. He came to us at the age of 2 years after he was killing a horse, cats and biting his first owner really serious. For me it was a challenge to fix the problem of that dog and after the dominance problem had been solved, he passed ZTP, IPO 1-3 in 6 months. 

One of the most successful male was Arko von der Werther Stadt and Vulcan von der Teufelsbrücke. Both were at the same time in my home. 

Arko got Title Europsieger, Bundessieger, Klubsieger, Klubssieger Austria, Deutscher Champion VDH and ADRK. Of course all working titles IPO1-IPO3. But he was not an easy dog. Strong in temperament and I had to be allways careful during shows. 

Vulcan von der Teufelsbrücke was much easy to handle. Lovely dog with a good drive. He was trained till IPO3 and I made the Körung with him. Also he got the confirmation title Deutscher Champion. 

After that I owned some other great males like Mambo von der Crossener Ranch II , Ismar von der Tonberger Höhe, Quickley vom Kümmelsee . 

All these dogs were rated on Klubsieger Show, all these dogs got title like Europasieger or Bundessieger and Deutscher Champion. 

Than came Greif von der Crossener Ranch. Ramona picked the right puppy again. Greif was the most successful male in my kennel . He won all titles . Europsieger, Bundessieger, Klubssieger ADRK, Klubsieger Austria, Bundessieger Austria, World Champion, Deutscher Champion, ADRK Champion , and I got some really good offspring from him. 

Nikola Smolic

I was born in Split in 1980, where I received my high school education in classical gymnasium learning ancient Greek and Latin, together with classical piano and opera singing in music school. Music has remained my big love and great part of my life. Through the years I also lived in Russia, Italy, Switzerland and England.
In 1999 I moved to Zagreb, where I studied Psychology and Entrepreneurship.
My first show dog was American Staffordshire Terrier, Multi Ch. Cheyenne That's The Point.
In 2005 I started with Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso and since then, under prefix Dilemma I owned numerous BIS winners, World Champions, European Champions and bred more than 100 champions all over the world. Since 2013 I dedicated myself to another wonderful breed - Dachshund - fulfilling big and long-time desire.
In Lhasa Apso I own top Lhasas of all times in our country, World and European winners, winners of BIS and Groups on many prestigious shows.
In Dachshunds I've bred and own World champions and multiple BIS winners.
Beside Lhasa Apso, Dachshund and Shih Tzu I also owned and showed English Bull Terrier with great success, and from 2018 new journey starts with Shiba Inu, breed I admire deeply. 
Also, for many years I worked as an all breed handler winning many BIS, groups, European and World Winner titles.
I am International FCI all breed judge.
Till now I judged in most of the European countries, Israel and South Africa. It was a great honor for me to judge at the European dog show in Bucharest 2012 and European dog show in Poland 2018.
I am also President of Breeding Comission of Croatian kennel club, Vice President of the FCI Breeding Commission and President of Tibetan breed club in my country.
I am fluent in English, Russian, Italian and Spanish.

Bojana Razpotnik

Dogs have been present in my life since I was a child, as my parents had a beautiful German Shepherd and later a poodle. When my husband and I started a family, according to our wishes and current abilities, the dwarf Poodle, the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Hovawart, and later the Borzoj and the Silken windhound came into our family. It was the knowledge of the diversity of breeds and their character that gave me a broader insight into cynology, which has become the way of my life.

Hovawart came to our family when we were looking for a relatively healthy and obedient breed, with which I would do some working exams as well. Our female Nessa has brought into our lives everything a hovawart owner can only wish for: a great companion who is  loyal, obedient and of course friendly family dog. I spent a lot of time with her on the training ground, doing the A and B-Bh exam, which was followed by the Rally obedience exam. With great interest we also took part in a 3-day training for hovawarts in Austria. Then - after many years that have passed since the breeding of the poodles - we enjoyed the hovawart puppies in the kennel "vom Barogian land". Among them, the most successful was son Aaron, who further upgraded our expectations as he became an international champion in beauty and also passed a demanding hovawart breeding exam in Austria, called ZTP.

I am a founding member of the Hovawart Club Slovenia, where I have been the president for the second term. I am also a member of the breeding commission for hovawarts.

It was the hovawart breed that drew me into the judging circles. I became an international FCI judge for FCI Group 2 (Molossians Mountain-type and Swiss Mountain Dogs) and for the FCI Group 10 - all sighthounds. In addition to numerous international and national exhibitions at home and abroad, I have also judged special club shows for hovawarts in Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland and the USA.

Darko Korošec

For as long as I can remember, dogs have been a part of my life. I grew up on a small farm where we have always had one or two dogs. I got more seriously involved with dogs when my wife Maja and I bought our first dog in 1993 and we started to compete in agility and showing.

We became very active in showing, breeding and working in different dog clubs, so dogs quickly became our main hobby and occupied almost all our spare time.

We have always liked different breeds. Now we breed German Spitz – Keeshond, Miniature and Pomeranian under Moetica and Mylegend prefix. Dogs owned or bred by us have achieved more than 100 championships in different breeds: German Spitz, Papillon, Coton de Tulear, Bearded Collies, Tibetan Spaniels, Scottish Terriers, Kerry Blue Terriers, Australian Silky Terriers and Samoyeds.

I am active in a number of breed clubs and in Slovenian Kennel Club, as a member of the Breeding Commissions, dog show organizer etc.

I became a judge in 2001. Today I am an international judge for FCI groups 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9 and 10 and I was judging besides in Slovenia also in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine.

I have a university degree in electrical engineering and I work as a teacher of electrical engineering subjects.

Štefan Šinko

Started Breeding and Showing English Bulldogs in 1979 in the same Year the JUBILEE 

English Bulldog kennel was established .Since then many national and Internationl Champions

had been raised in this Kennel including FCI European and World winner Bulldogs .

Other Breeds owned : Airedale Terriers,Bassethounds,Dogo Argentino and Great Danes 

Judging Apointments at Championship level from 1986 on all Continents in over 90 Countrys of the Globe ,

In the Past Prestigius Shows FCI European Winner shows and World Winner Shows in 1986 in VIENNA ,1990 BRNO,




IN 2004 Judged the famous Crufts Show  in UK the Native Breed Bulldogs with 210 Entrys

in 2006 judged also the Famous EUKANUBA World Challange Show in USA 

Honorary possitions in Cynophilia 

From 1992 till 1997 The First democtraticly elected President of the Slovenian Kennel Club after Independence Foundattion President of the Slovenian Molosser Club and Big Sized Breeds and also Slovenian Terrier Club

Member of the FCI Show and Judges Committee and also Vice President of the FCI Judges Committee

At Present serving as President of Slovenian Kennel Club since 2019 till May 2022

Franke Kane

FRANK KANE showed his first dog, a cocker spaniel as a schoolboy, and he has been involved in the dog world ever since. Whilst at University he co-owned and handled two Sealyham Terriers to their titles. In 1970 he obtained two American cocker spaniel bitches as a foundation for his HIRONTOWER kennel. One of these bitches became a champion and both produced champions. 13 UK Champions were produced with others overseas. The Cockers have also remained a permanent favourite and CCs were won with these also. Frank has also been heavily involved in Dachshunds, Afghans and Great Danes and has handled champions in all of those breeds.

First awarding challenge certificates in the UK IN 1974, Frank is now approved to award CCs in 110 breeds and judges all groups and Best in Show in the UK and has judged all groups and Best in Show under FCI rules. He judged Best in Show at Crufts in 2012 and has judged five  of the seven groups at Crufts.He  was invited to judge the Sporting Group at Westminster Dog Show in New York in February 2021

Frank is a member of the Kennel Club Board of Directors and Chairman of the Breed Standards Committee. He is also chairman of one of the Dog Health groups. For many years Frank has delivered seminars on Conformation and Movement

Frank is author of several books on dogs and his book ‘Judging the Gundog Breeds’ is much acclaimed worldwide. Outside his canine interests Frank is a keen horseman with a particular interest in hacks, hunters and children’s riding ponies .

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Barbara Krumpak

It is a great honour and pleasure to receive the invitation to judge retrievers at the Clubshow Centenary show of Kynological Association of Slovenia and I would like to thank the Organizing Committee for the invitation.

The first labrador came into our house in 1980, my second in 1984, both bitches were not really competitive in the show ring outside (then) Yugoslavia, but nevertheless very successful. I have passed all obidience tests, working tests and worked with both in rescue teams. We also had a litter with each of them, both with a lot of bad luck and so I gathered my first experience what can go wrong when breeding - which didn't  have any influence on my passion for dogs or aim to become a breeder.

Our third bitch, Int.Ch. Dee-Fair High Class of Romantic, the foundation bitch of our kennel, was a Danish import. Besides great success on shows we also competed in hunting tests with great honours.

Since passing my exam for all retriever breeds in the year 1989 I had the honour and pleasure to judge in Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republik, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and USA. During all the time I stayed curious, always wanting to see more, hear more, learn more, extend my knowledge by studying and through travelling to events (shows as Crufts or Potomac or ICC2018 in Denmark).

In the past my fellow judges honoured me with the position as the Chairman of the breeding committee for two terms, followed by the post as President of the Retrieverclub of Slovenia. Currently I am a member of Breeding Committee for Retrievers again.

In our kennel "Tylah" we are enjoying our life with 7 labradors and a dachshound. We have bred or owned many champions, among others a Golden Retriever from Finish kennel Karvin, the lovely Ch. Karvin Forrest Gump, as well as valuable 7 International Champions who were life qualified for Crufts. Our aim is to breed labradors not only for show but also for work, as one of the main goals is a standard labrador who will also love to pick up the game.

Katja Rožman Pohlen

Judging rights: International judge for FCI group II all breeds

Languages: Slovenian, Italian, English, Croatian

Breed specialist: Swiss mountain dogs

CV: I was born in 1980. My interest in dogs started in my childhood. When I was 15 years old my parents bought my first dog, a pug.  I started to attend on shows with him. When I moved in a house, it appeared my desire for  bigger dogs. My first choice was a Bernese, but then we choose to take a Greater swiss mountain dog, which was a new breed in our country. Nowadays I'm a breeder of Entlebuchers and the name of my kennel is Tricolor devil.

In 2009 I passed an exam for judge for Bernese mountain dog, Greater swiss mountain dog and Newfounland at Slovenian Kennel Club. In 2014 I passed the exam for the entire FCI II group.

From 2008 to 2020 I was a secretary of Slovenian club for molossoids and big breeds. From 2019 I´m a President  of Slovenian breeding Commission for molossoids and big breeds.

Damjana Švegelj Žnidaršič 

Since my very youth I have lived with the dogs.  Love to the animals I heritaged from my grandfather, who was hunter and leader of hunting dogs. I was quite young, when I gained hunter exam and in year 1986 I finished my first exam as a judge for exterier. I started with VIII FCI group of dogs and continued with FCI group IV, and III and VII. Besides judging exterier I am also  judge work for Dachshund and Terier's.No matter of what, "my" breed was and it  is a dachshund. Chinology in not only my hobby but also way of life. I judged work and exterier also everywhere  - Europe, Russia, America and Canada. Those were national, international and special events. I am glad that I had an opportunity  to judge dachshounds  on World dogshow in Finland and  every year  the bigest  competitions for german hunting terriers and Dachshund's.  

Maša Široka 

As far as I can remember I have been fascinated with animals, especially dogs. I grew up with an Epagneul Breton and an Irish Setter. Later, we owned Basset Hound dogs for more than 15 years. At that time, I was involved in my hometown’s kennel club through helping at dog shows as a ring steward. My mother was showing the Irish Setter and the Basset Hounds in rings. During my student years my last Basset Hound got very old, and I was looking for a breed that would fit my personality better. My first Scottish Terrier came into my life in 2003 and I fell in love with this breed. After that, I became much more involved in Terriers.

I registered my prefix Peabar (Gaelic name for Pepper) in 2005 at the time the first litter came. Since then, Peabar Kennel has been bringing to the world dogs that have been Best in Show and Specialty winners, as well as dogs that have been nationally ranked at the top of their breed in Europe and Overseas.

Over the last 20 years I have visited many Terrier breeders around the World and every year I try to attend Crufts and Montgomery Show Weekend. “The more we travel more we learn” is my motto.

In addition to Dog Shows I love to work with my Terriers at Earth Dogs hunting trials and Lure Coursing trials.

I passed my first exam for Airedale Terriers, Wire Fox Terriers and Scottish Terriers in 2017.

Today I am a judge for FCI group II and III.

I am an active member of the Kennel Association of Slovenia as a breeder, judge and member of the Board and the Breeding Committee of the Slovenian Terrier Club. I was the Club’s Secretary for 8 years. I also help several kennel clubs in Slovenia as a judges’ hospitality manager.

In 2019 I was awarded with the golden plaque by the Slovenian Terrier Club for contribution, success, and work and in 2020 I got awarded with the golden acknowledgment by the Slovenian Kennel Club for contribution and dedicated work.

I am listed as a specialist terrier judge of Interra International Terrier organization.

Until now I have been judging as a breeder judge or as an FCI judge in the following countries:

Finland, Sweden, USA, Italy, Germany, Slovenia.

I love to write about my trips and I usually share my traveling impressions in different magazines, such as Kinolog and Moj mali svet. A few of my articles were published also in Canine Chronicle, Dog News and Best in Show magazines. 

Alenko Pokorn

I grew up with English Cocker, mix breeds dogs and many cats. My father was a Vet technician and later a teacher of Biology so animals were always important in our house. When i was 10 i saved up for my first dog an Irish setter. My prefix is M'Eudail which in gaelic means my darling. I Bred my first litter in 1986. My other breeds during the years were Gordon setters, Golden Retrivers and Australian Shepherds. We are currently awaiting a Lagotto puppy. I first became a judge in 1988. At this moment i can judge FCI groups 1, 7, 8, 9 and 10. I have served on committies in several Clubs and have been a member of breeding committies for different breeds. In personal life I am an Accountant specialising in work with international companies.

Barbka Novak

Tender golden dogs with eyes made of amber whispers mysteries about the pyramids of ancient Egypt about volcano Etna and promises to be – if you’ll understand them – your faithful companion and guardian angel for their lifetime – that’s Cirneco. They are independent and free, and you must simply love those distinctions if you want to accept, understand and love them as they deserve. Border collies came into our kennel by chance. They fascinated me with their being. Total contrast to Cirnecos; noble, aristocratic, energetic, gentle but still very independent and devoted. In their nature, I found all prime manners of my favorite breeds – kuvasz and Cirneco. Gentle, faithful, decreed, diligent, to play the buffoon and loyal friends. These are reasons why they stayed with me.

Barbka Novak, Seta del Oro Kennel

As a child, I lived with mix-breed dogs, and then in the  '80s, two purebred dogs entered my life: Hungarian kuvasz Elza and cirneco dell'Etna Seta. In 1997, border collies entered my life. These perfect dogs stayed for good. The kennel name "Seta del Oro"  – golden silk - was registered more than 30 years ago. I do not see myself as a big breeder; however, I'm happy and proud that my dogs were used as foundation dogs in other kennels in Slovenija, Europe, Finland, and the US. "Seta del Oro" dogs gained several different champion titles, including world and European champion titles, lure coursing champions, and agility champions. However, they showed their working ability on herding trials and obtaining HWT certificates.

My last co-owned cirneco dell' Etna left us in 2019 at the age of over 15 years, and currently, two of homebred border collies turned over 14 years, still enjoying a healthy and happy life with their owners.

I have been an international show judge since 1993, judging FCI groups I, IV, V, IX, and X. For over 20 years, I've also been a judge for junior handling. In the past years, I was active as a president of the board of judges for Junior Handling of Slovenian Kennel Club, president and member of the breeding committee for Belgian and British sheepdogs. For several years I was also president and show manager at Dog-Club "Fido Hrušica." As a passionate writer, I wrote several articles about dogs and their people, dog shows, agility competition, and Cirneco dell'Etna. My articles were published in many countries (including the US) and in some books. For eight years, I was a member of the board of editors of Slovenian kennel Club magazine – Kinolog. I judged all over Europe on many breed shows, national and international all-breed shows, special dogs shows, and European and World dog shows.

I hold a Master's degree in management of lifelong learning and a BSc degree in business economy and law. I act as a Coach and international neurolinguistic programming trainer in my free time. As a managing director, I'm employed in the Swiss company Belimed.

I live in Kranj with my two old border collies, Capi and Daisy, and the adopted cat Amber.

I'm looking forward to contribute to your show.