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Short instructions for entry of owner and dog to the entry system, because some of you were confused with the new system we use


If you are not registered in the system jet, click REGISTRATION, enter the country you live in, your e-mail and choose the password you will be using for entry into the system. After you confirm the data, the system will send you an activation mail to the e-mail you registered with. Click the link for activation in the e-mail. After the activation, go to your prifile and proceed with next steps.

Enter only the fields that are surrounded in RED: title, surname, name, country, address, city, postal code. In PROVINCE enter city again if your country does not have provinces. LEAVE THE REST OF THE FIELDS.


STEP 1 Click: "ADD DOG"

STEP 2: If you live in Italy and your dog is registered in ROI/RSR, you go to REG.N. (N. REG in itaian language on the page for entries) and enter the pedigree number of the dog. If your dog is not registered in Italy, you go to Slovenian/Foreign Dog.

STEP 3: Enter the full pedigree number of your dog into the field reg. nr.

STEP 4: CONFIRM that you are the owner of the dog.

STEP 5: Click INSERT, after that you will be directed to the field where you enter all data of the dog and breeder. After you put all info in, you will be allowed to confirm the data. After that, the system will send you back to the site for entry to the show.

You can bring a dog with you even if it is not entered to the show if you can't leave it at home. But please make sure you have the pet passport with valid rabies vaccination with you.

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